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    8002 - Food Demonstrations

    DescriptionActivity      Cart Icon      Fee IconDatesTimesLocationDays
    Crock Pot Beef Loin8002-ARead NoticeFee Details01/19/18- 01/19/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Dine Like Dutch8002-AARead NoticeFee Details01/22/18- 01/22/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityM
    Mediterranean Meals8002-BRead NoticeFee Details01/31/18- 01/31/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityW
    Crock Pot Garlic Ckn8002-CRead NoticeFee Details02/02/18- 02/02/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Curry In A Hurry8002-DRead NoticeFee Details02/05/18- 02/05/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityM
    Romantic Meals8002-ERead NoticeFee Details02/13/18- 02/13/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTu
    Crock Pot Pork Tacos8002-FRead NoticeFee Details02/16/18- 02/16/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Vegetarian Meals8002-FARead NoticeFee Details02/22/18- 02/22/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTh
    Gluten Free8002-GRead NoticeFee Details02/26/18- 02/26/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityM
    Crock Pot Thai Ckn8002-HRead NoticeFee Details03/02/18- 03/02/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Clean Eating8002-IRead NoticeFee Details03/06/18- 03/06/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTu
    Restaurant Meals8002-JAdd to CartFee Details03/22/18- 03/22/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTh
    Crock Pot Lasagna8002-KAdd to CartFee Details03/23/18- 03/23/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Decadent Desserts8002-LAdd to CartFee Details03/29/18- 03/29/18 7:00P- 8:00PConf-Mtg RoomTh
    Superfoods8002-MAdd to CartFee Details04/04/18- 04/04/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityW
    Crock Pot Lemon Ckn8002-QAdd to CartFee Details04/06/18- 04/06/1812:15P- 12:45PWellness FacilityF
    Cooking w/Quinoa8002-RAdd to CartFee Details04/10/18- 04/10/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTu
    CrockPot Beef Fajita8002-XAdd to CartFee Details04/20/18- 04/20/1812:15P- 12:45PConf-Mtg RoomF
    Brain Food for Final8002-YAdd to CartFee Details04/24/18- 04/24/18 7:00P- 8:00PWellness FacilityTu

    8102 - Wellness Conference

    DescriptionActivity      Cart Icon      Fee IconDatesTimesLocationDays
    CRAVE Balance8102-ARead NoticeFee Details01/23/18- 01/23/18 7:00P- 8:00PConf-Mtg RoomTu
    CRAVE Connection8102-BRead NoticeFee Details01/23/18- 01/23/18 6:00P- 7:00PConf-Mtg RoomTu
    CRAVE Value8102-BBRead NoticeFee Details02/20/18- 02/20/18 7:00P- 8:00PConf-Mtg RoomTu
    CRAVE Courage8102-DRead NoticeFee Details02/20/18- 02/20/18 5:00P- 6:15PConf-Mtg RoomTu, Th
    CRAVE Fresh8102-ERead NoticeFee Details03/07/18- 03/07/18 7:00P- 8:00PConf-Mtg RoomW
    CRAVE Money8102-FAdd to CartFee Details03/21/18- 03/21/18 6:00P- 7:00PConf-Mtg RoomW